VW T1 Van

Year 1959

€ 44.950,00

€ 0,00


VW T1 Van with ultra low mileage of over 13,000. Built in 1959.
Owned by its first owner (fire brigade) until 1998, where it was refurbished once.
Then came to the Netherlands and was in private collection.
Has the original tyres and window rubbers!
Engine really runs like new! You rarely hear them run like that.
Technically completely checked and ready to enjoy.
Should the new owner really want to drive it, the only advice would be to replace the tyres.
We can realise this on demand.

Original 34hp engine of transitional model ie: 30hp optics (cooling box, heater pots etc.) and some technical aspects also 30hp (such as crankshaft seal and no camshaft bearings), but still a 34hp version
Some details no longer present: siren, black rims, extinguishing equipment etc.

This was a small support firecar (shown in nameplate on inside on driver’s door).

Special detail: normal indicators were not introduced until May/June 1960. They were only used on fire engines and sealcoat red vans between November 1959 and March 1960. After that, they were again fitted with arrow indicators until May/June 1960.

Chassis no. 544246; Engine no. 3474657.

Consignment sale.

Verkocht: verkocht
Type: bestelwagen
Bouwjaar: 1959
Apk: nvt


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